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Alcazaba 2

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Här kommer fortsättningen på Alcazabas vy och lite mer fakta.

The Alcazaba has been used to film Conan the BarbarianIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Never Say Never Again as well as the syndicated TV series Queen of Swords used the inner courtyard and gardens. 

 Här ser man en del av Almeria.
The first line of walls is a wide enclosure corresponding to the first Muslim military camp, used as shelter for the population in case of siege. For this task it was provided with large Cisterns.
 The first enclosure is separated by the second one by the so-called Muro de la Vela ("Wall of the Sail"), taking its name from a bell that warned the population in case of events such as the arrival of a ship in the port, danger, fires etc. This wall was built by King Charles III of Spain.
 In the second enclosure was the residence for the governors, their soldiers and their servants. It included also the mosque, baths, tanks, tents etc.
 The third enclosure, the most external, is also the most modern in the complex. After the Christian conquest of Almería, the Catholic monarchs Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand I of Aragon had a castle built in the most elevated sector of the town, more apt to resist the new gunpowder artillery.
Sådan kanonvy från ovan!!
Almeria beläget vid kusten.
Det var allt från Almeria mina vänner.


  • Marie säger:

    Jättefint även i Almeria. Vilka fina bilder du tagit. Min duktiga lilla fotograf. Kram Mamma

    Svar: Dock fick du inte tillfälle att se Almeria, men så mycket annat😆😆

    2015-11-07 | 17:47:06

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